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Björkticka. Piptoporus betulinus. Gråporing Trametes ochracea. Sammetsticka. Trametes pubescens. Sidenticka. Image 1.

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Galerina marginata. Ganoderma lipsiensis Trametes ochracea. Trametes versicolor. Trichaptum fusco-violaceum. av M Lång · 2016 — svampar, ArtDatabanken).

Fomitopsis ochracea Ryvarden & Stokland: Mycowalt: 58% (1) Recognized by sight Propose Another Name.

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Fomitopsis pinicola. Björkticka. Piptoporus betulinus. Gråporing Trametes ochracea.

Fomitopsis ochracea

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Fomitopsis ochracea

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Fomitopsis ochracea

Because of its valuable biological properties and its use in 18th and 19th‐century pharmacy, Fomitopsis officinalis used to be mass‐collected. Moreover, the large demand for larch wood and non‐wood materials (resin) caused an excessive exploitation of larch forests, which directly contributed to the disappearance of F. officinalis from Fomitopsis pinicola is an abundant saprotrophic fungus found on decaying logs throughout temperate regions of the Northern Hemisphere. represents the recently described Fomitopsis ochracea Fomitopsis cajanderi [ Basidiomycetes > Polyporales > Fomitopsidaceae > Fomitopsis . . .
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2. Galerina marginata Trametes ochracea. zonticka. 4. Trametes pubescens.

Tilia cordata Zonticka. Trametes ochracea. Corylus avellana  Klibbticka. Fomitopsis pinicola. -.
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До роду Fomitopsis відносять 114 видів: F. ochracea is a polypore fungus found in North America. It was isolated from Albertan forests, and can be found in British Columbia. It has been isolated as far East as Newfoundland, but prefers Northern climates. It can be isolated throughout the Appalachian range, as far down as Georgia. It is a detritivore on both hardwood trees and conifers, causing a brown cubical rot. It is a member of Loading Fomitopsis: Taxonomy navigation › Fomitopsidaceae All lower taxonomy nodes (135) Common name i-Synonym i-Other names i Fomitopsis P. Karst., Meddelanden af Societas pro Fauna et Flora Fennica 6: 9 (1881) [MB#17612] Polyporales Images Pictures, List of Polyporales - Nature Images - NaturePhoto Fomitopsis ochracea Stokland & Ryvarden, Radulodontia pyriformis Hjortstam & Ryvarden, Repetobasidium azoricum Melo, M. Dueñas & Telleria, Sistotrema aciferum P. Roberts & Henrici. Steccherinum perparvulum Hjortstam & Ryvarden.

Sammetsticka. Trametes pubescens. Sidenticka. Image 1. kantokääpä. Fomitopsis pinicola.
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Kantarell. 253. Fistulina hepatica (16) · Flammulina velutipes (2) · Fomitopsis rosea (2) Trametes ochracea (5) · Tricholoma colossus (4) · Tricholoma roseoacerbum (2)  Klibbticka (Fomitopsis pinicola). Är en av de första arterna som etablerar sig på Zonticka (Trametes ochracea).

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Fuligo septica. LC. 4 Borstticka. Trametes hirsuta. LC. 3, 7, 9. Zonticka.

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Ganoderma applanatum Platticka trametes ochracea Zonticka lövved. trametes versicolor  I området är speciellt klibbticka (Fomitopsis pinicola), fnöskticka.